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Back, neck & spine care

Sports & fitness injuries

Ergonomics training

Chronic discomfort

Joint issues & self-care

Soft-tissue remodeling

Mobility training



A thorough evaluation of your issue or injury includes examining the timing and onset of pain, limited range of motion, lifestyle considerations, previous diagnoses, treatments, and more. We encourage patients to share all relevant background information and honest, in-session feedback to assist us with an accurate diagnosis.



Your physical therapist will be able to explain in straightforward terms what structures are likely causing your issue or irritating an injury, and answer as many questions as you may have.

We continue our assessment until we have all of the information needed to formulate a unique solution and tailored treatment plan.


Some issues are resolved when various treatments or interventions are put in place at once. Your treatment plan will include any 'exercises' or specific movements you need to do periodically on your own, as well as any modifications you may need to make to your work, lifestyle or fitness programs. It's very important that you follow your treatment plan and other advice to achieve and maintain the best results.


We will also suggest simple assistive devices or therapy equipment to aid in your recovery and continued wellbeing.



Last but not least, your therapist can offer viable approaches to maintaining your success and promoting the best outcomes in your day-to-day activities. From workaholics to high-caliber athletes, we've got a few helpful tips for everyone.

Let us know if you're considering surgery, as we also offer second opinions, plus surgery prehab and rehab options for those who really need it.

We look forward to seeing you at Calibrated PT!