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Privacy Matters


Your privacy is as important to us as your health. That's why we only use the most secure, industry-standard technologies and virtual consultation platforms available.  

Consultations, evaluations, and treatments are conducted one-on-one, in real-time virtual chat rooms, over SSL-encrypted third-party platforms. We've chosen our partners and team members carefully, to ensure we offer the highest level of virtual and personal security for your treatment sessions and electronic medical records. Additionally, we never sell, distribute, or share sensitive patient data, including your contact information, and are 100% HIPPA-compliant.

You are free to record your own virtual consultations for future reference, or give permission to our therapists who will record and edit to key educational clips for you. Please also note that, for security, medically sensitive patient information will not be shared via email, which is not always secure. You will only receive email pertaining to scheduling, basic appointment information and home exercise clips. We may also occasionally notify you of special offers and updates related only to our services, such as discounted treatment packages, or changes to our menu.

You are always free to opt out of any emails you do not feel are relevant to you, and we will only send correspondence directly related to your questions, concerns, or scheduled appointments.

Thank you for trusting Calibrated PT!