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Our Mission

Calibrated Physical Therapy is here to help athletes achieve goals, and assist in building a better, healthier relationship with their bodies. Our patients succeed through individualized, evidence-driven, sport specific treatments, as well as education through our virtual services provided by experts in each specific sport.

Online Physical Therapy 


Our therapists are experts in their sport specific niche and also continue to participate in these sports regularly. This ensures you are receiving care from a true expert of the sport you love. 


We have Doctors of Physical Therapy who are licensed to provide consultations, evaluations, treatments, and offer referrals to all patients in Colorado and Illinois.


Using proven, standardized methods of visual assessment, patient self-reporting, and individual response to specific movements, we are able to diagnose, treat, and guide the recovery process of many common injuries and chronic complaints.

If your case is outside of the scope of online physical therapy treatments, we will gladly refer you to an appropriate clinic for a traditional evaluation.

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Online Evaluations
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