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Calibrated Physical Therapy is here to help athletes achieve goals, and assist in building a better, healthier relationship with their bodies. Our patients succeed through individualized, evidence-driven, sport specific treatments, as well as education through our combined mobile and virtual services provided by experts in each specific sport.

In this exciting new age of healthcare, we are gifted with a host of technologies, methods of self-care, and virtual practitioners just a few clicks away.


Similar to traditional medicine, a majority of physical therapy cases, such as chronic complaints, joint problems, and nerve pain in the back, neck, knees, and shoulders, can be remedied through simple, online Q&A techniques with an experienced therapist.

Much like walk-in clinics and virtual doctors, we are well-versed in common injuries and chronic issues that may be limiting your day-to-day activities, athletic performance, or overall wellbeing. Some of these issues are related to injury, while others may seem age-related, or simply result from our normal habits and activities.

Online physical therapy can not only help solve these kinds of problems, but prevent them from returning through patient education and guided self-care.

Last but not least, your privacy is as important to us as your health. We use the most reputable and highly secure virtual platforms for remote consultations, and do not store or share any sensitive patient information.

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